Home is where traditions begin

We do a lot of things together as a family. Saturday grocery shopping, eating ice-cream at the beach, sailing paper boats in puddles, decorating the house with lamps and bursting crackers with cousins on Diwali to putting up a Christmas tree. Over a period of time, they become happy traditions and we eagerly wait for them to happen.

Traditions strengthen family bonds, contribute to your well being, create lasting memories and enrich the life you share together. And in the course of time becomes an interesting story by itself.

Every family has a story. We are sure, you have one too. In this article we put together some family traditions that have become a ritual.



Family Meals Together

The positive influence of sharing a meal together as a family on children is proven. Especially the ones that don’t feature the ubiquitous television and mobile phones. Everyone taking turns sharing something that happened to them, stories to be shared…a family dinner is a great way to connect and bring joy to the table.



Bedtime Stories

Children who have parents that read to them regularly do well in school and have larger vocabularies than children who don’t. Reading is a great way to bond. It’s like a lullaby and is actually comforting for a child who hears the comforting voice of a parent. And here’s something to inspire- a dad and daughter read together every night for 3,128 days straight until the daughter was in college!




Evening Walks

Walking strengthens families. Literally. It is a great time to talk about problems, chat, connect and interact in a busy life. Take a walk with your spouse, sibling, parent or child and get some fresh air and digest the day’s events along with your dinner!




Special Sunday Morning Breakfasts

It could be a breakfast out at a restaurant or by the beach.

A drive to some place or a signature Sunday dish cooked by dad or children. It could be the husband cooking a family breakfast or taking out the grandparents or spouse for some breakfast, or, just you stepping out alone for some ‘me’ time.




Friday Movie Night

The family gets together to watch old classics at home on the DVD or steps out to catch a movie together. Special pop corn and some snacks make it more enjoyable.





Festival Times

Setting up a tree or celebrating Ramzan and Diwali as a family is a timeless memory. New clothes, food and happiness all around-can you beat that feeling? I know a family that gets together on Diwali night to burst crackers and it’s great to watch everyone young and old enjoying the moment, hoping it lasts forever.


And we could go on and on. We often catch a family dining out and taking selfies these days. And there’s something nostalgic and beautiful about it that we want to make them our own. Family Traditions that help you bond are limited only by your creativity. Go ahead! Get home and start one.

Please share your family’s traditions in the comments.

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