The Suburbs are Calling

The suburbs are cool. Though the preference for living in the city remains unchanged, home buyers are now moving to the suburbs where an urban layout and lifestyle are now available at affordable prices.

Suburbs are no longer seen as being too far from the city and are actually considered as a retreat and a true home that compensates for the daily grind.

Sreerosh Athena – Nolambur, Mogappair West, Chennai. More details »

Today, the apartment and villa homes in the suburbs combine the best of childhood experiences with urban perks and all things vital to cleverly redefine living spaces. Affordability and accessibility apart, they provide a sense of community, an authentic lifestyle and a vibrancy that people of all ages can embrace.

Sreerosh Anthea – Nolambur, Mogappair West, Chennai. More details »


Shifting to the suburbs is not a bad idea at all and you get to choose from clever mixed use spaces that are inclusive and comfortably far from the hustle and bustle.

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